About us

From the bags with the printing of the most famous capitals to the clothing collection and, now, the launch of a new brand: N75

The history of Gioshi Srl began in 2010, when the founder had an idea: why not characterize the bags, the cornerstone of every woman’s wardrobe, with prints which represent the crucial points of the most famous capitals? 

Thus was born YNOT?, brand that, over the course of the seasons, has grown to reach a monobrand store in Milan, 800 multibrand throughout Italy and 400 abroad, with a substantial presence especially in the UK, Russia, Germany and Greece.

Attention has always been focused on changes and trends with the aim of creating a product that is representative of the creativity of our society

Today the Milanese company launches its new project, N75, with the aim of creating a synergy between handmade tradition and contemporary style, in line with the dynamics of the fashion industry.

The value of Made in Italy, cornerstone of the brand, is combined with a modern aesthetic giving life to a rock and contemporary style.

The FW19/20 collection will be distributed in Italy and abroad, exclusively in multi brand stores.

Particular attention will be paid to markets such as Russia, the United States, France and Far East, which will be the main export countries.